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Thank you for visiting Psychstocks.com an organization that is dedicated to discovering the future leaders of the emerging psychedelic plant medicine industry. Psychstocks was founded in 2020 by Gerard Adams who became a self-made multimillionaire as a stock market investor by age 24.

In 2012, Gerard co-founded Elite Daily, an online media portal for the millennial generation, and by mid-2014 he successfully built its web traffic to 40 million unique visitors per month. In early-2015, Gerard achieved a successful exit from Elite Daily by selling it to the Daily Mail for $50 million.

In December 2017, Gerard collaborated with world famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas to co-host an exclusive Mastermind event for 300 entrepreneurs in Newark, NJ. Despite the event receiving rave reviews and being an overwhelming success, Gerard somehow felt unfulfilled and broken on the inside.

After the main Mastermind with Eric was over, Gerard still needed to attend a nearby nightclub to meet the entrepreneurs who purchased VIP tickets to the event. As soon as he arrived there, he got pulled aside by one of his VIPs a successful entrepreneur by the name of Daniel DiPiazza. Daniel said to Gerard, “Hey listen I’m going to Brooklyn after this to see a shaman and I’m going to be working with a plant medicine called DMT.” He invited Gerard to come and Gerard thought to himself, what the hell is a shaman and what is DMT?

Gerard looked over to his right hand man and videographer Digital Jeff and asked if he should do this. Jeff said to Gerard, “Do you remember what you just preached at your own event?” Gerard had just spoken about three principles to live by: 1) Is this the most uncomfortable thing that you can do? 2) Is this the most uncertain thing that you can do? 3) Is this the hardest thing that you can do? If the answer to these questions is yes then you should do it. That night was a lifechanging night for Gerard and you can see the full story of what happened by watching the interview that Gerard conducted with Third Wave Founder Paul Austin:

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