Our New #1 Psychstock for 2021

Our new #1 favorite Psychstock for 2021 is Betterlife Pharma (CSE: BETR) or BETRF on the U.S. OTCQB. BETR is currently trading for $1.17 per share.

The psychedelic drug that Psychstocks Founder Gerard Adams believes has the biggest potential to effectively treat numerous mental health illnesses is LSD.

BETR has just acquired Transcend Biodynamics, which has its own patented process that allows for cost effective manufacturing of BOL-148, also known as 2-Bromo-LSD, without the need to make LSD. Transcend is the only entity with the ability to synthesize BOL-148 without the regulatory hurdles of handling a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

The patented process is known as “Process of synthesizing 2-bromo-LSD” and it was invented by Justin Kirkland the CEO of BETR’s newly acquired Transcend BiodynamicsBOL-148 is a nontoxic second-generation LSD-derived molecule that mimics the therapeutic potential of LSD, without the hallucinations.

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